Yaris Paint Correction

A friend of mine bought a brand new Toyota Yaris last year as a comfortable and reliable daily driver. In that time frame this paint went from brand new, to destroyed. It all started when I got a phone call from him telling me that his car had been egged, and he wanted us to get rid of the egg that was running down his car, and to clean up the paint along with it. We knew it was going to be tough to get rid of the egg and correct the paint back to a showroom finish, but we knew we could handle it.

Here’s the car when it first pulled up, and it looked surprisingly good! But when any wax or sealants are still on the car, looks can be deceiving.

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We got started on the wheels and went around the car to inspect the paint. Sure enough, we were greeted by a huge stain and remnants of egg.

The egg was so burned into the paint it actually stained the clear coat and the outline of where the egg was stayed in until we could compound it out.

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Mmm. Egg.

Once it was completely washed, dried, and stripped of any fillers, we could really see the condition of the paint; and well it was bad.

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Calcium spots were embedded in the paint, and trust me, it wasn’t from us washing the car. They were so deep that even the microfiber cutting pad with compound had a hard time with these. Try not to park next to sprinklers kids.

Once we got it in some shade we started claying the car, and for a car that has never seen a clay bar before, it wasn’t too bad. I suppose it shouldn’t be, given that the paint is only a year old.

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Now that all the dirt and fillers were out of the paint we could start the fun stuff. With the giant stain left by the egg on one side, and the water spots on the other, we knew we would need to compound as well as polish, so we busted out our trusty microfiber cutting pad.

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With a good microfiber cutting pad, a porter cable, and a beard; Dan can do just about anything.

After compounding, we went on to polish the paint with a foam finishing pad and our jeweler’s polish. At this step, the paint was looking amazing, no more stains or spots, and the reflection coming off the car was incredible. About halfway through applying sealant I snapped a picture and you can see how good the paint looks without even having sealant or wax on it yet.

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The left half has sealant in the process of drying and the right has nothing on it. That’s completely naked still, making good progress.

Once the sealant had some time to cure, and a layer of carnauba wax was added to give a little added depth and shine, we were done. We were very lucky to be able to work in an airport hangar that day and having airplanes all around us led to a neat atmosphere.

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Overall it was a great day, the paint had some damage but luckily we were able to make it look better than the day he bought it. We were really happy with the way it came out, being able to slowly see the car transform over the course of the day is a really cool feeling. Makes us proud to do it and I think it’s what keeps bringing me back. I love being able to make something tarnished and beat up into something that people drool over. Even this Yaris will turn heads¬†with paint that looks this good.

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Most importantly, our customer was happy, and he gets to go home in a car that looks better than the first day he bought it.

¬† –Ryan