What is a paint correction?

When a car is brand new, the clear coat on top of the paint is completely flat and scratch free, thus resulting in a glass-like finish that reflects nearly all of the light shining on it. Over time, due to bad washing habits or other forms of wear, the clear coat develops small and sometimes major scratches that reduce the amount of reflection, leading to a dull finish. When a car is washed and waxed, the wax fills in the scratches making the clear coat flat again, which allows it to reflect more light and appear more shiny. Over time, this wax is washed away and the paint goes back to appearing dull and scratched. Wax is only a temporary cosmetic fix, but a paint correction is different. Instead of covering up the scratches, we repair the paint, by using abrasive products like compounds and polishes to flatten the clear coat, thus leading to a perfectly flat and leveled clear coat. Once the paint is repaired, we protect it with sealant and add a thin layer of carnauba wax to add incredible depth and shine.

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