Illest OC Grand Opening

Yesterday was the Illest OC Grand Opening, the newest addition to the ever expanding brand. Illest has become synonymous with car culture and motorsports, especially it’s sister brands, Fatlace, and Hellaflush. Mark Arcenal and his team have created a lifestyle brand that  truly encompases everything motorsports. And their newest store is surely proof of that. When I first arrived at the store I couldn’t even find a parking spot, the street was filled with cars, and dope cars at that. Walking toward the store I had to fight the urge to drool at every car parked there. The front of the store has a very simplistic look, but that’s part of the charm of it, in fact, the whole store is very minimalist and that really adds to the charm of the place.


“The only way to predict the future is to invent it” Some words to live by.

When I walked in the first thing I noticed was this slammed Lexus, sitting real proper.


Sitting right in front of that was Mark Arcenal’s own KGC10 Hakosuka. Which is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t get over my love for this car.


Of course its slammed, what else were you expecting?


Inside of the Hakosuka, classy.

The store also doubles as a gallery, so they have some pieces hung up..


The prints are from artist Benslamin, and represent a collaboration between shoes and cars, for instance, the AE95, and Yeezy Hako. Quite fitting when you take into account that Fatlace actually started as a blog about shoes back in the day. Also a dope cafe racer in this shot.

They had a DJ spinning while everyone was shopping, really added to the vibe. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything but I ended up picking up a pair of Nike Roshe Runs, they were on sale, that makes it okay right?



Some more art, and a huge Illest sign, I want one for my bedroom.


The new store is really awesome, if you’re ever in the area be sure to check it out.


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