Formula D Long Beach / Offset Kings

Last weekend was the first Formula Drift event of 2014 in Long Beach. I’ve been going to the Long Beach drift event for about 5 years now and every year it gets bigger and better. There’s something about the venue that has always made me enjoy it than the other stops. I think it’s all the excitement of being the first event of the year. Whatever it is, I always have a great time, and this year wasn’t any different. By the time I got there the line just to get in was huge. Every year it seems as if more and more people show up. Which is a great thing, it’s cool seeing this sport grow and reach out to more people. The entrance of the venue has you walk over a little bridge to enter the paddock, I love looking out and seeing all the booths and people, it got me excited for what the day had in store.
Paddock Edit

Since were scrubs here at Boso, we didn’t have a media badge. So we focused on what we could find around the paddock. Luckily, Mark Arcenal and his crew hold a car show every year at Long Beach. The Offset Kings car show was directly across from the paddock. The first thing you saw as you entered was a beautiful Miata.

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There’s something about clean NA’s that get to me! This one had on the new Fatlace X AME FZERO2 wheel, and it matched perfectly.

Fatlace had a booth advertising their new wheels, I love the retro look of them. I immediately tried to convince my buddy to put them on his Miata.


Right next to that was Mark’s newly finished VW van. I’ve been keeping up with this build for a while and I love how it turned out.


He was inside handing out shave ice to whoever was around, although it didn’t last very long; he ran out of ice almost immediately.


I caught up with him after and we talked for a while. Mark is a great guy, extremely humble and easy to talk to.


One thing that makes this show so great is that the cars here aren’t just boring hard parkers. They’re owned by regular guys, who sign up to have their car in the lot, drive them to the show, and drive them home. It shows in the builds. Everyone walks around enjoying the hard work and dedication of others. The atmosphere is great, everyone comes together for the love of cars, and it shows.


I’m a sucker for E30’s, and seeing a mint condition one is painful. I’ve been looking for one for what seems like years now and I’ve always come up short. This one wasn’t overdone, it was probably the closest to stock vehicle I saw the entire day, and it was one of my favorites. Not to mention the S50 swap it has under the hood. This car was so beautiful it actually filled me with jealousy. How did he find this car, and where can I get one?

As I wiped the tears and forced myself away, I saw this slammed VIP Lexus. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the ridiculous camber, yet I still found myself staring.


Something about old cruiser sedans turned street sweepers makes me smile.

This Porsche set itself out from the pack, not only because of its looks, but because its tires actually had sidewall!


I have a soft spot for S13 coupes with the silvia front end conversion. I think it compliments the body perfectly, and its nice to see something a little different.

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Old school cool. 510’s have such a boxy body style, but I love it. I’ll take this over that Evo any day.


Of course we had to show some Bosozoku love! This old Cressida immediately pulled you away from whatever you were looking at. The Bosozoku look always confuses a few people, it seems like most people either love it or hate it. I think they’re awesome, they’re always unique, and something about how they demand attention adds to their charm. This one is no different, you can actually see the exhaust sticking up from the front of the car. Why you may ask? Well, why not?


Formula D Long Beach is always a good time, with this year being no exception. There were more vendors than you could visit, and enough cars to make anyone happy. Not to forget great entertainment! It’s always a thrill watching guys throw their car into a corner, sideways, at ridiculous speeds. There were some interesting match ups early on that kept it exciting from start to finish. But Chris Forsberg was on fire all day and went through the competition with barely any hesitation. He was laying down consistent, near perfect runs every time, and sure enough, pulled out the win. It was all a great time, by the end of it we were already looking forward to next year; but next time, we need to remember to bring sun block.